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Princess Mia ,Domina Ruby - You're Starving


Сategory: Female Domination
Models: Domina Ruby, Princess Mia
Duration: 6 min.
Format video: mp4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 431 mb.

Domina Ruby calls her servant more than and informs him it's nearly time because of his bathroom servitude. She tells him to kiss her buttocks cheeks as she enjoys to possess them kissed before she fills her mouth. "I haven't fed you personally in twenty four hoursI trust you're hungry?" She states, rhetorically. The digital camera pans over to reveal she has a buddy, the beautiful Goddess Mia. "I've a distinctive treat for you now, servant; then you have to consume two" she claims, just before sending him kiss Mia's ass cheeks. Ruby claims that she has purposely left him starving as she knows he's planning to have a really tremendous meal now.

Mia asks Ruby if a servant enjoys becoming farted on, and Ruby presents the question for her servant. "certainly" he whimpers, knowing how pitiful and depraved he is, which induces Mia to giggle loud. "Some times he just reeks of farts" Ruby adds, ahead of directing him straight back into her buttocks. She lets him know she can readily add a second servant, so he would better work difficult at replying to both of these. She sends him forth and back against 1 buttocks to one other, taunting and tormenting him that the full time. Ruby makes the servant tell Mia how far he really adores eating $h1t, which makes Mia chuckle. Ruby and Mia enter into a conversation for what kind of $h1t that the servant likes. The talk gets quite picture and can change you around if you're an actual bathroom fighter. The slave puts his mind amongst Mia's buttocks cheeks and Ruby tells her to move up ahead of time and provide the servant his first feeding. "Here it happens" states Mia.

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