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Lady Pascal - The Lying Human Ashtray


Сategory: Female Domination
Models: Lady Pascal
Duration: 7 min.
Format video: wmv
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 162 mb.
Tags: Corset Smoking Leather Humiliation Lady Pascal Human Ashtray Human Ashtrays

Here we've got yet another phantastic clip with lovely german pro dom woman pascal. This clip really is a traditional clip. The servant (our old non sexual servant ) is already in a great position with his mind lying on the sofa whilst woman pascal relaxes additionally on her couch.

She lighten a smoke and smoke . Its always a pleasure to watch woman pascal smoking cuz she has some amazing manicured extended red fingernails. She put his thighs on his torso whilst beginning to ash right into his mouth. She demands the slave has to completely clean his tongue into his mouth wash until she moves on with smoking. But our servant can't make it all clean. So she announces that he is going to recieve some punishment afterwards away from her. She additionally admits she will use her sharp claws in to the flesh of his mouth again. Therefore as he cannot clean it properly she employs her claws digging deep into the flesh of his tongue. Clip contains too many lecturing and verbal humiliation where lady pascal is also an expert.

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