» » Nadel-Theater by Cruel Reell - smoking

Nadel-Theater by Cruel Reell - smoking


Сategory: Female Domination
Models: Cruel Reell
Duration: 42 min.
Format video: mp4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2010 mb.
Tags: whipping ballbusting humiliation smoking needles lang german femdom reel cruel reell cruel reel cruel

NEEDLE DRAMA / The day is coming to an end - and so is the victim. After several hours of being beaten, the dummy was nothing but a psychological wreck - he reeled, fell on his mouth every minute and begged for mercy. But when I took out the needles, all synapses ruptured and burned out xD

This clip also serves excellently as a party game. For every "stand up" and "arms out", you have to do a shot…

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