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Miss Melisande Sin - Disobedient Ashtray - Candle


Сategory: Female Domination
Models: Melisande Sin
Duration: 14 min.
Format video: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1024 mb.
Tags: melisande sin training candle wax anklet boots spitting smoking ashtray cigarette

Today Mistress Melisande is not in a mood for messing around. In the midst of meetings & running Her business, She decides to take a cigarette break. It serves as a wonderful occasion for a quick yet harsh training for Her human ashtray. Miss Melisande shows with Her appearance itself, that She requires infallible service and every mistake will be strictly punished.

To start with Mistress orders the slave to greet Her fabulous black leather ankle boots. Slave licks the soles of his Owners boots with gratitude and devotion. During that, his slave nature takes control over his body that results in a big, shameless erection. Mistress notices it very fast and asks Her slave with anger why he got hard without Her permission and why is he not wearing his chastity device that she put on before. Slave cannot explain himself, so he gets slapped hard and spat on.

Due to being stressed, slave forgets how he should speak to his Mistress. For that reason, he receives a series of harsh face slaps.

In the next step, Mistress starts Her ritual of smoking. Slave is asked to light up Her cigarette & from now on will serve as Her ashtray and spit bin. Mistress Melisande smokes in a very refine and sophisticated way. This makes Her slave take even greater pleasure to serve as Her ashtray. Unfortunately, the pathetic male ashtray today is not as attentive as She would like & fails to answer Her questions. It triggers an attack of Mistresses fury. She sends a wave of face slaps & spits to his face and kicks his body hard to punish him.

Then, Mistress comes up with an idea for a new sophisticated torture. She orders her slave to keep his arms horizontal and starts to pour hot was on them, all the way telling him to hold them like a tray. Slaves masochism can be clearly noticed, seeing his swollen cock throbbing at that. Mistress decides to punish Her slave for it and She tramples his feet with Her Goddess boots. In the next minutes Mistress Melisande allows her slave to be an ashtray and spit bin again, torturing his nipples and choking him time by time. When the cigarette is over Mistress extinguish it on slaves tongue and forces him to swallow the butt. Human ashtray uneasily withholds from vomiting & finally swallows the butt obediently.

However, overall Mistress Melisande is not satisfied with Her slaves servitude and decides to punish him again for his bad etiquette. Slave gets another series of face slaps and then at the end Mistress kicks his balls painfully. Now, training is done for today and slave is ordered to kiss Her shoes in gratitude and thank Her for today’s training. Enjoy pervs!

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