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Goddess Natalie - Catharsis


Сategory: Female Domination
Models: Goddess Natalie
Duration: 12 min.
Format video: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 450 mb.
Tags: bikini cocktease female belly control hypno goddess fuck domination pov hypnosis lang english bellybutton free mind magic mental mesmerize erotic hypnotic natalie femdom goddess natalie hypnotic natalie

I thought you looked a little bit stressed out lately! You’ve been working hard, haven’t you? It looks like you really need to sit down and let go a little! You need to relax under my guidance!

Trust me! You know I also do positive h.y.p.n.o.s.i.s and I can actually help you improve you mood, don’t you? It’s not like I would ever trick you into relaxing and emptying your mind for me just so I could plant triggers inside, afterwards!

I promise you this clip is going to be all about pure catharsis and relaxation! Nothing else! Or will it? Is it gonna be a scam or not? Will I put a spell on you instead? I guess only one way to find out! Don’t worry! After all, witchcraft isn’t real and I’m not really a witch, right?

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