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MISTRESS FATALIA - Fatalia is a forceful Mistress - Trampling


Сategory: Female Domination
Duration: 8 min.
Format video: MP4
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 402 mb.
Tags: c4sshoeless20 seductress luxuria female domination humiliation trampling trampled male submissive male slave training dominatrix and slave slave lesson czech czech language big feet strong legs trampling no mercy mistress

This is a NEW full-body view clip of mean Mistress Fatalia trampling her submissive loser guy.

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Where is your collar, you loser? That’s how my Mistress Fatalia greets me to this session. Go and put it on, she orders me immediately before proceeding on my upper body and crotch. Such a**hole is hard to find, she further humiliates me further. She has such sexy legs and feet with fresh red nail pedicure yet she is so cruel. She holds me tight on the leash and is having fun. I am her object, her means to have fun. She reminds me of the fact that nobody is interested in me and this is all about her. And she is right, looking at her beautiful feet adorned with an anklet, there is no doubt. She laughs and she laughs at me. She stomps my cock, she steps on my throat. At times, she places her foot over my mouth to smother me. I am feeling desire and pain at the same time. Those legs! Those feet! And such intense pain that comes with them!

Kde mas obojek, blbecku? Takhle mne uvita ma pani Fatalia… prikaze mi so ho nandat a pokracuje ve slapani po me hrudi, tele a prirozeni. Takovyho kripla opravdu nemuzete jen tak sehnat, rika a ponizuje mne dal. Ma tak sexy nohy, nalakovane cervenym lakem, ale je tak krutoprisna. Drzi mne na obojku a bavi se. Bavi se na mne. Pripomina mi, ze ja nikoho nezajimam, ze tohle je cele o ni. A ma pravdu… slysim, jak jeji naramek na noze krasne cinka zatimco si uziva pri konani sve zaliby. Smeje se mi. Slape mi na pero, pak prislapne krk. Obcas mi da nohu na pusu a pridusi mne. Ty nohy! Umiram touhou a bolesti zaroven.

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