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Mia - Lick my Heels and Toes Loser


Сategory: Foot Worship
Models: Mia
Duration: 13 min.
Format video: mp4
Resolution: 3840x2160
Size: 2896 mb.
Tags: BRAT GIRLS. Female Domination Foot Worship humiliation SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP shoe licking Spitting

Mia informs her failure to"get to it!" She's the soles of her shoes to become quite clean and it's the failure's occupation to lick all of the dust. Afterward she wants the failure to remove her shoes to get her and lick her toes. He's got to lick at her feet while looking at her perfect butt. Mia yells at the freak while pushing it to gag on her pretty feet. She wishes her toes to become somewhat tidy, however, the failure is not up to Mia's requirements. It has to be in between each of her feet. She moans into his ugly face and leaves him thank her to get this. Mia giggles. "You're dumb!" Mia can't believe just what a pushover this idiot is. He even lets her just spit in his head! What sort of feeble moron isn't going to defend itself! Mia decides this loser is simply pitiful enough to be changed into a individual bathroom. It will have to be a bathroom for all the girls in the home.

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